I’m a graduate student of Applied Mathematics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where I am advised by Dr. John Mitchell and Dr. Kristin Bennett. Currently, I’m a research assistant at the Institute for Data Exploration and Applications, affiliated with the Darrin Fresh Water Institute.

My current research interests are in data-driven modeling in mathematical biology and data science applications. My work pursues developing mathematical and computational approaches to study biological phenomena and systems.

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Data-Driven Alzheimer's Disease Research

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FTD MINDER is a web-based, dashboard-style data browsing tool that enables interactive exploration of single-cell RNA sequencing data. The primary inspiration for our application centers around exposing the large dataset of RNA transcripts from brain organoid models of frontotemporal dementia, which initally characterized in the 2021 paper by Bowles et al. with the Neural Stem Cell Institute.

A central and ongoing goal of this project is to present the neural stem cell and tauopathy research communities with a general tool for automated and user-customized analyses of newly-generated transcriptomic datasets.

Summer 2022 D2ARC Mini-conference: FTD Minder APP Introduction and Features [slides]

Supervised by Dr. Sally Temple, Dr. Kristin Bennett, Dr. Keith Fraser, Dr. John Erickson.

Watershed Forest Studies: Tree Crown Segmentation from Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds

The correct segmentation of individual trees in the forest is necessary for extracting additional information about trees, such as the type of tree and other tree parameters. This project will support tree species identification in the Lake George watershed as part of an ongoing project to locate and study the impact of Hemlock Woolley Adelgid, an invasive species, on trees around the lake.

My work in this realm has been adapting machine learning tools to improve the performance of tree top detection and crown outlining algorithms in challenging forest conditions: mixedwood stands with vertically complex crown structures.

Supervised by Dr. Thomas Morgan.

Modeling and Forecasting Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms (CyanoHABs) in a changing climate

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CyanoHABs are common photosynthetic bacteria that live in surface waters. While we know of many factors that may contribute to CyanoHABs, how these factors come together to create a bloom of algae is not well understood.

I'm interested in modeling factors that contribute to CyanoHABs using statistics & machine learning techniques.

Supervised by Dr. Jeremy Farrell, Dr. Sasha Wagner.

Health INCITE: COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Campus Network Mapping

RPI StudySafe is designed to present WAP data to on-campus users so they can make informed decisions on where to go for extended periods of time on campus. The data can be interacted with in several ways, including selecting certain dates, times, locations, as well as through interactive geographical maps.

Supervised by Dr. Kristin Bennett, Dr. John Erickson.

Player Tracking and Identification in Ice Hockey

Video frames from on-ice action are analyzed in a time sequential manner to track the motion of players during a short to medium duration of action. Individual player silhouettes are identified and isolated for further analysis. Multi-player combined silhouettes are decomposed to isolate individual players in the group and thus track players into and out of close contact situations. Ensemble of player tracks will be formed into a multi-channel time series for further exploration.

Supervised by Dr. Thomas Morgan.


In Fall 2023, I’m a teaching assistant for BIOS 4401 Experimental Design and Statistical Methods

MATH 4800/CSCI 4800 Numerical Computing Summer 2023

MATH 2400 Introduction to Differential Equations Spring 2023

MATH 1010 Calculus I Fall 2019/2020/2021/2022 Spring 2021


In past years, I was an undergraduate writing tutor at Comm+D and participated in the Language and Culture Support program for non-native English-speaking students. More recently, I was also a member of I-PERSIST advocate at RPI.